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SFP Porvoo


Finland has 2 levels of governance. The local level, the municipality, and the national level, the parliament. We at Sfp Porvoo work at the local level and we believe in making our local community a better place.


What happens in our own community and society concerns us all. The decisions made by politicians affect our daily life and it is important we can influence these decisions.

Sfp Porvoo is a sub-organisation in Porvoo for the national political party The Swedish People’s Party of Finland. We are a liberal party that believes in:


a well-functioning bilingual society

a flourishing Nordic-cooperation

a stronger European community

a global responsibility.

a society that serves individual human beings

an economy that supports private initiatives and considers the environment

an educational system that gives everyone opportunities to develop

a social security system that both supports and activates


Liberalism as in tolerance, equality and openness.

Liberalism as in the freedom of thought.


The Swedish People’s Party of Finland works for freedom, justice, equality and tolerance. We believe it is important our politicians listen to the citizens and make well informed decisions. The best results are met by discussion and cooperation.

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